About Us

Daddy Discipleship was founded as a ministry for men. The heart behind Daddy Discipleship is to see all men become better husbands and fathers, no matter what their age or current situation. Daddy Discipleship offers public and private conferences around the country and internationally. These conferences, although geared towards men, are open to spouses and fiances too.

Daddy Discipleship: The Conference is led by Dr. W. Ryan Steenburg who holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Family Ministry, the first of its kind. Ryan is a dynamic speaker who engages his audience while presenting an exciting, theologically sound curriculum. He is an outstanding presenter who has experience both as a minister, a father, and a motivational speaker. Ryan’s seminars are lively, informative, fast-paced, and filled with truth that can be immediately implemented. Ryan understands what father’s need to foster a child’s successful spiritual development. He shares information, strategies, and solutions along with personal stories of his own children. Ryan will touch your life and inspire you to go home more excited and filled with encouragement as you tackle the task of parenthood. You will enjoy his sincerity, enthusiasm, humor, and knowledge. He will educate you, motivate you, and make you laugh while giving you valuable insight into the biblical understanding of contemporary parenting.

In addition to conferences, Daddy Discipleship offers church consultations for ministry leaders who desire to improve or move their congregation towards a family-centric congregation. The church consultations are also overseen by Ryan and provide tools, tips, and a strategy for any church in any situation. By bringing Ryan to your church you will receive a full evaluation of where the families of the congregation currently are in their discipleship efforts with their children, a review of the direction in which the church leadership could go in order to bring more families to a home-based discipleship process, and telephonic follow-up to assist in the ongoing process of training your parents and transforming your church.