Who We Are


W. Ryan Steenburg (Ph.D., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Founder and Director of Daddy Discipleship.

Ryan is a nationally renowned speaker, and has also spoken internationally. As a church consultant, Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge founded in his research and experience in the local church. Ryan also serves as the Associate Editor for The Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry and Contributing Editor for Doulos Discipleship, a six part study to train boys and girls how to be men and women of the Lord. Ryan earned the first ever Doctor of Philosophy in Family Ministry for his research on the role of the church in equipping parents for family discipleship.

Ryan has co-authored the chapter “Growing Gaps from Generation to Generation: Family Discipleship in Modern and Post-modern Times,” in Trained in the Fear of God, (Kregel 2011) as well as a chapter in The Family Ministry Field Guide: How your church can equip parents to make disciples by Timothy Paul Jones (Wesleyan 2011). Ryan has contributed to such multimedia projects as Christian History Made Easy (Rose 2009), and co-authored the leader’s guide for the book, Four Views of the End Times, by Timothy Paul Jones (Rose 2010).

Ryan lives in the City of Spring Valley near Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife Kristen, daughters Caitlyn, Anabelle, Mikayla, Jordan, and sons Wes and Joshua. As a family, the Steenburg’s enjoy reading books together, playing games, and taking advantage of the outdoors. In addition to Ryan’s Black Belt in Judo, he lettered in NCAA Track and Field while at Calvin College.