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The Gift of a Father

The statistics are sobering. Study after study demonstrates the possible negative ramifications of a home where there is no father, not to mention homes where a present father is inactive, unconcerned, or worse. As men, we have quite possibly experienced the very scenario that the statistics outline. I do not believe we should allow the statistics to scare us into obedience, but I do think that the statistics should cause some real, devoted reflection on our presence in our home and family.

Patrick Schwenk, co-founder of For the Family, describes three basic elements to being a father that can transform today’s contemporary home and the generations that follow. These “gifts”, as Schwenk describes them, are essential ingredients to a healthy, gospel-centered home, marriage, and family.

You can read about these gifts at the following link:

3 Gifts Every Father Can Give His Family

In Christ Alone,
W. Ryan Steenburg

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Ryan is the Founder & Director of Daddy Discipleship and the Associate Editor for The Journal of Discipleship & Family Ministry.

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