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A Tale of Two Testominies

In this sermon from August of 2014, Ryan Steenburg highlights the power of a parents prayer for his or her child. We often pray that the Lord will work in our child’s life, but are we truly believing and trusting in the will and work of the Lord?

A Tale of Two Testimonies

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The Gift of a Father

The statistics are sobering. Study after study demonstrates the possible negative ramifications of a home where there is no father, not to mention homes where a present father is inactive, unconcerned, or worse. As men, we have quite possibly experienced the very scenario that the statistics outline. I do not believe we should allow the statistics to scare us into obedience, but I do think that the statistics should cause some real, devoted reflection on our presence in our home and family.

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Resolved: Achieve authentic family worship

Contributed by Robb Brunansky

Family worship is something we’ve had mild success at in the past, but when life gets busy, it seems like it’s often one of the first things to get cut. This year, I’m determined to make sure that doesn’t happen. Here are a few things I’m doing differently this year to that end: 

  • Planning family worship that fits a realistic schedule. One of the primary reasons we have failed in the past to persevere in family worship is unrealistic expectations. read more
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Daddy’s Prayer Card

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What song are you singing?

I still remember the moment. We were driving through Michigan, late summer of 1996, and the words echoed through the blue Mercury Sable station-wagon. “The cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man on the moon.” My dad and I were driving to Grand Rapids for my freshman year of college. The irony is that even though I had heard those lyrics numerous times, and could even sing-a-long for a majority of the song, I had never actually paid attention to the words until that moment. read more

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“I Love Bananas”

In a recent article posted on, Debbie Rowley discussed the benefits of children worshipping in a separate setting than that of their parents. Some of the reasons she listed included allowing children to get up and worship, an apparent disinterest in the sermon on the part of the child, and the freedom to sing such songs as, “I Love Bananas.” read more

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Daddy 101: Basic Instructions Pt. 2

Rule #2: do not call your children idiots.

He kept saying it whenever he would make reference to his children. He didn’t just say it once. He must have said it four or five times. “My children, the three idiots.” I was attending an annual conference in Orlando, Florida in mid June when I selected a breakout session called “Nurturing the Next Generation” as one of my electives. The speaker, a seminary professor, kept saying, “my children, the three idiots” whenever he would talk about his kids. read more

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Daddy 101:Basic Instructions Pt. 1

Rule #1: do not tell your children that their mother is stupid.

The pilot came on the intercom and began with “well folks, this is your Captain speaking.” It is never good news when the pilot comes on the intercom and begins with “well folks.” The announcement this time was informing us that we would be getting off the plane due to an extended delay. read more

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Father’s Day Isn’t about Fathers

I heard an illustration once that claimed January 4th as one of the top five days for the sale of chocolate. Apparently, the 4th earned this status as a result of failed New Years Resolutions. With weight loss and exercise being two of the top resolutions, individuals would wake up on January 1 excited and energized about their new found goal. On January 2, although still focused, people would begin to be tempted by the foods they love and the lifestyle they remember. January 3, is spent with much nail biting and self-psyching just to get to the end of the day. Then, on January 4, they bust. read more

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It begins with Mommy.

Daddy Discipleship begins with six simples sayings that are intended to be spoken to your children on a daily basis and then reflected upon, or acted upon throughout the daily activities you find yourself immersed in with your children. But, before we can begin to give this much attention to our relationship with our children, we must begin with our relationship with our spouse. read more